Monday, May 31, 2010

What I've been up to..

It has been a super busy month, and June is starting tomorrow...gosh! Time really flies.

The video below is one of the reasons why I've been busy. Enjoy!!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Scrapping updates..

More of my creative moments @ Scrapping with Style

Doing tea the old skool way...

Toast bread shop by the alley. As in literally an alley.

They only serve toasted bread, half boiled eggs and drinks.

The man who loves me dearly and stuck with me for life....*Evil grin*

Been drinking tons of 'Teh Ais' these couple of months


A row of Green Doors. How cute! Great for photoshoots.

Delicious toast.

All pics taken with Pin hole setting. (=

Had a lovely day with Hubs. We rarely have tea together but I was on leave and restocking for my shop. Need to find time to take awesome pics of my news goodies @ Greeen Bananas.

So till then...toodles!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Aaron's 29th Birthday

Cream of Onion + Mint Soup

He was craving for this whole week. LOL

Just us::savoring the moment

Sorry no candles, just a stirrer to compensate.

the lovely friends

Blessed birthday dearest. May your year be filled with countless auspicious events as you flourish in your season. I am with you every step of the way. Our God is Awesome!
I love you!

Something creative last weekend

Our LOs for Scrap-it-lah challenge

More pics at

Yes, I now update my creative stuff over the other blog. Check it out!!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

My parents really took good care of me for 27 years. I miss them terribly!!! Why are things not as I expected??

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Friday, February 19, 2010 search of Tea

So the craze for tea has not stopped. This is also one of my Favorite teas. 'Xi Mut' milk tea.

I drank this tea like twice a day when I was in Hong Kong. I have tried this tea in many places, but the best still goes to Old town....for only RM3.++ Its dang affordable.

BUT i must warn you, this drink is dangerously fattening.....wont hurt if its once a week right? So drink and exercise.

I'll be going for Jazz Gold tomorrow, it'll definitely burn off.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Crazy Cravings for Peach Tea

I know....crazy right??

Even since the heat craze started, I've been thirsting for Peach Tea. No reasons to why a women craves but it quenches my thirst.
So...I've been drinking cold Snapple (Its lovely)...
I still prefer Twinings, maybe coz its pure black tea and I dont add sugar. Quite cautious on not pounding the weight on flavored drinks. Now Twinings peach tea is super difficult to find. Any idea where I can find them? I last got it from Macao.

Not so hype-up Valentines...Just Aaron & I

We hear it so often that Valentines is too commercialized.

Do you agree?? I definitely do. BUT we do not need to succumb to what is laid on the table. Just celebrate it the most special way one feels.....may it be couples or families or friends.

For those who dont mind joining in the crowd, by all means....knock yourself out coz there are no hard and fast rule as to how Valentines should be celebrated.

So personally, this is how I like mine to be or how we celebrated.... ( a lil bit chaotic because of CNY celebrations).

8:00am - Rise & Shine
9:00am - Church
10.30am - Visited Mom & Dad for breakfast (1st day of Chinese New Year)
- Yackity yack yack,
- Watched Astro (Deprived at the moment coz we have yet to install)
1.30pm - Of to Aaron's parents house
- Yackity yack yack again
- Had Tea
- Watch more Astro
(By this time the heat was taking a toll on us)
8.00pm - Left for our house to shower & change
8.45pm - Wrap aaron's present & made him a simple card
9.30pm - Gave aaron his prezzie
9.45pm - Left home for Gurgey
10.04om - Arrived at Chillis
- and yada yada yada...

- simple card i made aaron, I like mine to be personalized & of coz I love making them -

- His freshly wrapped prezzie -

- uhm....maybe I said something funny??!! -

- In our humble apartment -

What I wore
Dress: Nichii (Bought the day before)
Bag: Esprit (Hong Kong)
Slippers: Ipanema
Accessories: Greeen Bananas

- The lovely meal. Arrived 10.05 pm. -
Waiter: "Sorry we are fully seated, do you mind waiting 15-20 minutes"??
Sharon: Bubble thought......(Oh darn, my stomach is growling) ...
Waiter: "Oh if you dont mind we have seats at the bar"
Sharon: Looks at aaron (green light!!) "Sure, that would be great!!"

- His steak -

- Her extra crispy chicken with Honey Mustard (Thumbs up!!) -

- More pics to document our first Valentines as husband & wife -

- Doing the traditional walk @ Gurney-

History: Every Valentines after our meal, we will take a stroll down gurney drive....chatting while allowing our full meal to be digested, Feeling Thankful for each other, people watching....especially those new love birds & not forgetting being a 'Fashion Police'...laughing at weird, like seriously weird dressing.

- Farely quiet this year, not much traffic -

- And we took the time to wish our friends who were celebrating this auspicious 'Year of the Tiger' Gong Xi, Gong Xi -

- Mr. Xavier loves taking candid shots of his Mrs. -

- Beautiful fireworks to semi-end the night -

After which, we headed to star bucks for a cold drink
(hmmm, must have forgotten to photographed.)

I hope you guys had a wonderful Valentines & Chinese New Year.


Tuesday, February 02, 2010

I stopped blogging for 1/2 year??

That is too long a time....WOW!

Lets see, in the pass 6 months..
...I got Engaged
...rented a place to stay, clean, furnish the house.
...learn to cook
...just getting used to being a wife. (=

Here are some pics on a Monday afternoon.

Waiting to have our mee goreng @ esplanade

The vain snap

Vain snap 2

Mee goreng sotong + Coconut Shake + Sardin Samosa + Teh Tarik

After we ate, sat on the swing, we came back to the car with parking summon. Meter went out of coins. Shesh! Oh well, we still had a wonderful time. (=

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Who doesnt love basic Grey?

Absolutely delicious! (=

Check out basic grey challenges to win this fabulous candy.

Another delicious blog candy

OoooOooo, I'm eyeing the paper pads....totally delicious.

Thank you Crafty Den. Truly amazing. Be sure to check her blog out.

To die for Scrapbook Candy from Arlene

Totally salivating over these goodies.

A truly kind hearted soul is giving this away....yes all of it!! It is to die for.....(=

Please hop on over to to win this. Amazing!!

Sadly enough, I've not won any blog candy before but really praying I'll win this. Scrapbooking in Malaysia is ridiculously expensive. So do log on to Arlene's blog to win. Oh btw, I am her faithful subsriber @ youtube.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

BZ Community Class- Lindsey B groups

Love, love, this bad ass choreo!! Goodness

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another Blog Candy.. Nicole Terry of Pink Nickels

Its gorgeous. *DROOL, DROOL, DROOL**

I wanna win this!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mini Envelope Pocket

From a tutorial I learned from Its super easy and this was my first attempt. I just used some scrap paper from my stash. Added a pink bling from Daiso. And I love the cute elephant, just some random puffy stickers bought from bookstores.

I made a tag to go in the pocket. This photo is 2" by 2". I stuck the photo on some scrap pieces saved from packaging, made it look like a mini polaroid. I love it!! Those alpha stickers are from making memoris....super cute! The butterfly bling is from the art shop i visited last week. Really like how it turned out.

This is how it looks with the tag in the pocket. So cute right?? yeay!! Am happy with the results! Will definitely make more. Maybe a mini album full of pockets?? Well I need to find the time for it. (=

Some items I purchased from Daiso and local art stores. I love stationaries. Even when I was little girl, never was intrigued by candies but I love love, stationary shops. LOL!